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Experience a more balanced and peaceful life

RenewMe is committed to developing partnerships with healthcare providers, universities and researchers to develop evidence-based studies researching the impact of digital mindfulness on improving one’s well-being, confidence, motivation, and enhancing customer satisfaction and appreciation of products of popular brands.

The Founder, Dr. Lisa Palmer seen on the following networks

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About RenewMe

RenewMe, developed by former Apple Software Engineers and Founded by one of America’s leading psychotherapists and national television experts, Dr. Lisa Palmer, is set to join market leaders Calm and Headspace upon launch, but with a unique twist. “RenewMe is focused on helping people lead a more balanced life, and mindfulness is just one part of life balance,” says Dr. Palmer, who is the voice of RenewMe. RenewMe, designed mainly for corporate and hospitality brands, is an all-inclusive suite of coping skills, audio tracks, mindfulness and goal setting content, articles, treatment finders, and even a personalized balance test. These are all designed to help you get on the right track to ease stress and improve confidence, motivation, happiness, and productivity.

Research Studies and Popular Trends

Digital stress reduction has become a popular trend in recent years, but academic research on the subject only began a few years ago. Studies have pointed to the benefits of dealing with stress, emotions, and relationships. Still, much more research is needed in this area, since many of the findings may not be as conclusive as marketers may have you believe.

Gaps in Research

While the majority of research conducted has focused on whether stress can be reduced by using mindfulness apps—such as those by Calm and Headspace—there has been little-to-no investigation into how digital technology can help to enhance confidence, motivation, happiness, and even more so, how listening to specially formulated and produced audios might affect consumer experience and satisfaction of particular products.

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